How do I access the webinar recording(s)?

You can access a webinar recording in two ways:

1. Via the link in your email. (0:16)

Approximately 2 days after the live webinar, we'll send an email to all participants.

Click on the button 'View the recording' in your email. You will be prompted to log in.

Click on the login link either in the menu or in the text. The webinar recording will now load.

2. Via the homepage.

Login using the link in the top menu on the left. (1:46)

Navigate to "Join live webinar" in the top menu. (formerly 'Access my webinar) (2:00)

Scroll down until you see "Library content" then click on the 'View' button under the webinar you've registered for. 

Please note: Webinar recordings are available to watch for until the next recording is posted. This can vary between 3 and 7 days. 

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